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Chaddon v0.2.0

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Chaddon is a browser extension that detects an active tab’s url and connects you with other users currently browsing the same domain to a dynamic chatroom.

This project has been developed and maintained by Michael Pierre, Evan Davies, Geoff McCollam and Marco Beltempo

Although Chaddon is still in its early stages, the team plans to have the extension publicly available in the Chrome Webstore by late April 2018.

For now feel free to download the source code to test the extension locally or try the demo over at

Chrome Extension Installation

  1. Download the .zip or .tar file
  2. Save the file to your local machine
  3. Extract the downloaded folder to the current directory
  4. Open a Google Chrome Browser
  5. Enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar
  6. Make sure Developer Mode is checked
  7. Click Load unpacked extension...
  8. Navigate to the downloaded package and select the chaddon/browser_extension folder
  9. Chaddon 0.2.0 will display in your list of extensions

Using Chaddon

  1. Navigate to a url ex.
  2. A Chaddon hover box will appear at the top right of your screen
  3. Click the hover box to load the chat for your current URL
  4. On first launch, you will be prompted to login
    • Create a temporary username
    • Sign-in with a valid Google account

Build Source

Head over to the Chaddon repository for testing and development information.


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